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ETS-Data is jointly established by Tsinghua University Press and School of Vehicle and Mobility, Tsinghua University, China and is a publicly accessible database, providing indispensable materials for result replications (data, codes, scripts, simulations, experimental designs, etc.). ETS-Data has been indexed by DCI (Data Citation Index) and Google Dataset Search.

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  • Published on: 2023-12-27

    Multi-Level Objectives Control of AVs at A Saturated Signalized Intersection with Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

    Wenfeng Lin

    Code and experimental data for "Multi-Level Objectives Control of AVs at A Saturated Signalized Intersection with Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach."Codes are written in Python and developed on an open-source tool “Flow”.( https://flow.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html)


    Mixed trafficAutonomous vehicles
    DOI: 10.26599/ETSD.2023.9190025
    CSTR: 32009.11.ETSD.2023.9190025
  • Published on: 2023-08-01Updated on: 2023-12-17

    Vehicle and charging scheduling of electric bus fleets: a comprehensive review

    Le Zhang, Yu Han, Jiankun Peng, Yadong Wang

    Purpose — Transit electrification has emerged as an unstoppable force, driven by the considerable environmental benefits if offers. Nevertheless, the adoption of battery electric bus is still impeded by its limited flexibility. The constraint necessitates adjustments to current bus scheduling plans. To this end, this paper aspires to offer a thorough review of articles focused on battery electric bus scheduling.

    Design/methodology/approach — We provide a comprehensive review of 42 papers on electric bus scheduling and related studies, with a focus on the most recent developments and trends in this research domain.


    Charging scheduleElectric bus
    DOI: 10.26599/ETSD.2023.9190017
    CSTR: 32009.11.ETSD.2023.9190017.V3
    Asia, China
  • Published on: 2023-11-20

    VTOL sites location considering obstacle clearance during approach and departure

    Yanjun Wang

    This dataset constains data and codes for determining the VTOL sites.

    UamVtol sites
    DOI: 10.26599/ETSD.2023.9190024
    CSTR: 32009.11.ETSD.2023.9190024
    Asia, China, Shenzhen
  • Published on: 2023-10-31

    Empowering highway network: optimal deployment and strategy for dynamic wireless charging lanes

    Lingshu Zhong

    The OD data in this paper are from the real road network data of Guangdong province. The initial SoC in the paper is randomly generated and follows a normal distribution.

    DOI: 10.26599/ETSD.2023.9190023
    CSTR: 32009.11.ETSD.2023.9190023
    Asia, China, Guangdong
  • Published on: 2023-10-25

    Real-Time Intersection Vehicle Turning Movement Counts from Live UAV Video Stream using Multiple Object Tracking

    yuhao wang, Ivan Wang-Hei Ho, Yuhong Wang

    There are two folders containing the replication files.

    The first folder contains the Voc-Poc tool for transmitting the captured video stream from the Goggles to the local server.

    The second folder contains the main code and main results of this manuscript. The main code is for the YOLO + StrongSORT + TMC collection algorithm. The main code is in the track.py file.

    Traffic flow controlDrone
    DOI: 10.26599/ETSD.2023.9190022
    CSTR: 32009.11.ETSD.2023.9190022
    Asia, China, Hong Kong

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